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New Release: My Wolf Fighter by Rose Wynters #WolfTownGuardians

About the Bestselling Wolf Town Guardians Series: 
Born to walk this world as both wolf and human, these men take their role as protectors very seriously. Enjoying sensual pleasures as they please, this group of alpha werewolves are the finest when it comes to protecting their hidden settlement.
Guardians are the masters of self-control, taking pride in their authority and hard, muscled bodies. That all changes at the first scent of their mates. Their control snaps. The mating heat begins.
This is their stories.

Genres: Werewolf Romance, Paranormal Romance, & BBW Romance

My Wolf Fighter - #4, Wolf Town Guardians

Born in the 1500's, Ryker has spent several lifetimes as a Wolf Town Guardian. He's been in and out of countless beds in the pursuit of sexual gratification, but he's all but given up on ever finding his mate. When the King of Wolf Town asks him to be his second in an upcoming challenge for his right to rule, Ryker has no qualms about agreeing. He has nothing left to lose, and he certainly has nothing left to live for... or so he thinks.

Fate knows differently. Ryker meets Amanda, and she captivates him with her big blue eyes, curvy body, and fragile air. Although she's not his mate, he's consumed with the need to have her. And with the upcoming challenge hanging over his head, Ryker is running out of time to seduce her.
But Amanda is harboring secrets of her own, and time has run out for her, too. Her life is hanging in the balance, and she's up against an unbeatable foe. It's the biggest fight of her life, and she has zero chance of surviving. She has to experience his sensual embrace...  before it's too late.

Teaser Excerpt:

He leaned over to give her directions to his house. Her eyes widened when she realized he was her neighbor. Well, ex-neighbor. How ironic was that? “I know where it is,” she said, her voice hoarse. Aroused. She cleared her throat, embarrassed by the sensual tone. She sounded like a woman that had just been bedded... thoroughly.

The thought never crossed her mind that his offer contained anything more than a simple kindness. Why would it? A man like him could have any woman he desired, and he likely did. There was a raw, erotic air about him that made her believe he indulged often. He certainly wouldn't look twice at someone like her. But why had he been turned on? She brushed the thought away. Maybe he had a high sex drive. It was likely he spent a great deal of time in that condition. He all but oozed sex and arousal.

Release Date: 8/19/14

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Science Fiction Vampire Romance: Awakening 3 by Jeanie Grey - Giveaway: Win a Prize Package - Guest Post: How do you like your vamps?


Guest post - How do you like your vamps? by Jeanie Grey

Nosferatu. Old-school Dracula. The freaky, face-changing vamps in Tarantino's From Dusk Til Dawn. The idea of vampire as mindless blood-sucking animal has all but disappeared from our culture. Perhaps this is because vampires used to be a metaphor for human sexuality in a time of extreme repression and we have become slightly less prudish about such things.

These days, we prefer our vampires with some complexity. As this recent post on Books Like True Blood touches on, we like vamps who fall in and out of love. Who have aspirations beyond tearing into throats. Who have memories, histories, and even health problems like Hep V. We like relatable vamps. More human vamps. Perhaps more beautiful and sexier than the average human being, but nonetheless tormented and flawed. Self-aware vamps with their own sense of morality. This is why why love True Blood, Anne Rice's Lestat and Louis, Twilight, Gary Oldman's portrayal of Dracula, and even vamps who are more endearing than sexy, like Herb in Scott Burtness's Wisconsin Vamp (previously featured on BLTB).

Some might argue that modern-day vampire stories anthropomorphize them too much, that we've attributed human needs, values and qualities to non-human entities. I don't know. If I'm ever fortunate enough to meet with a real-life vamp and live to tell the tale, I'll let you know my impressions. Until then, vampires exist as more as a metaphorical concept than a flesh-and-BLOOD reality. (Hahah!)

In modern tales, vampires no longer represent the dangers of sexuality (or of repressed sexuality, depending on how you look at it). They represent being different, feeling like an outcast, being marginalized. They represent the part of ourselves that feels like we have to hide who we truly are in order to function in our daily lives in society.

But vampires also represent our dormant power as free, authentic human beings. I think the reason vampires are often portrayed as unusually beautiful is not because it provides vampires with an evolutionary advantage as hunters of humanity but because there's a part of us that sees the beauty in all those things we think we have to repress. That knows that if we awakened to our authentic selves, we would become undead in the sense of "not dead anymore." That we would begin to fully live.

Jeanie Grey

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 8/4/14 – 9/1/14

Genres: Science Fiction Vampire Romance; Paranormal Romance; Paranormal Erotica

Short Description: A suspenseful science fiction vampire romance, Awakening 3 is the final book in the Lilly Frank trilogy. Intended for readers 18+.​


Nearly fifty years after the events of Awakening 2, Lilly decides to stop running away and returns to Italy only to find the threat of a vampire civil war growing. With the help of Beth, Carrie and Jamie, Lilly learns how to face her feelings about her tragic past and to accept that, whether Torren wants her or not, her heart wants him. But when she finds Torren in Rome, not only is he still with Vittoria, he doesn’t seem to remember Lilly at all.

Can Lilly convince Torren to leave Vittoria to be with her and help the Organization find a peaceful solution to the conflict, or will Vittoria and a vampire war come between Torren and Lilly and their happily ever after?


“I’m just trying to understand…was she always like this?” Lilly asked.
“Like what?” Torren said, genuinely confused.
“So…selfish and self-serving. I mean, was she different as a human? Is that why you fell in love with her?”
Torren sat up, struggling to maintain his temper, reminding himself that Lilly had very limited experience with Vittoria. “Lilly, I realize that what you’ve seen of Vittoria has not given you a very good impression of her, but I have known her for a very long time. She is a good person, if a bit impulsive. She cares for me deeply, and it was her love for me that led her to try to ease my suffering. I’m not saying she was right to do what she did, but she certainly isn’t unfeeling.”
Lilly softened immediately. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Torren. I shouldn’t have said that. I can tell that you care deeply for her.”
Somewhat mollified, Torren settled back against the pillows again. He took Lilly’s hand and kissed her knuckles. “Apology accepted,” he said. “Thank you.”
She settled back against him and ran her hand over his chest to his bicep. “I can only imagine how hard this decision must have been for you. I want you to know that I’m truly grateful. You won’t be sorry.”
Torren stilled, trying to understand what Lilly was talking about. “What?”
“I just mean that, given your history and how much you care for her, it must have been hard to leave her and come here.”
“Not really,” he said, still not getting it. “She was out when I left.”
“Oh! Did you leave a note or something?”
“Yes, I let her know I was coming here and didn’t know when I’d be home.”
It was Lilly’s turn to pause. “Home to collect your things, you mean?”
“What?” he repeated.
Lilly sat up and looked down at him, doubt welling in her eyes. He sat up too and studied her.
“When are you going to tell her?” she said carefully.
“Tell her what?” Torren replied, and only then did he begin to guess what she meant. Her next words confirmed it.

“When are you going to tell Vittoria that you are leaving her for me?”

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About The Author:

Jeanie Grey is a feminist writer of extraordinary romance & erotica for those seeking something different from the norm. Her short stories have been published on deadlyeverafter.com and thedarkerhalf.com, and the complete Lilly Frank Trilogy is available now on Amazon and Smashwords. Jeanie is currently working on two novels – a contemporary romance and a historical pirate romance – as well as on a few short erotica pieces that explore the theme of self-discovery and personal growth through sex.

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Prize Package #1: Win a $10 Amazon gift card and an ebook of Awakening 3

Prize Package #2: Win the complete Lilly Frank trilogy: Awakening, Awakening 2, & Awakening 3

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True Blood Season 7: Episode #9 Previews and Clips

HBO is literally killing me with the suspense! I know that this is supposed to be a good thing, but I'm dying to know who Sookie will end up with... And with two episodes left, it doesn't look like they are giving any previews. Here are the clips and previews that I was able to find for the next upcoming episode - Season 7 Episode 9

A clip of a scene between Arlene and Sookie 

This was from Comic Con... It's kind of a brief glimpse of the last remaining episodes

And here is the preview of the next episode

The True Blood Online Auction - Why I Hate This: A Rant

So today I've been seeing the headlines everywhere. HBO has arranged an auction to sell off a lot of the props from the show True Blood. And I dislike this. 

Note: If you've somehow missed this news, you can see an article by clicking here

With that being said, what are some of the items being sold? Eric's throne, for one. Yes, the throne that has cupped Alexander Skarsgard's butt countless times is for sale. It's being reported that there will be 1,500 items from the show being offered. That's a lot of items. 

So why do I hate this so much? It's an affirmative action that this is truly the end of the Bon Temps world. First we were hit with Charlaine Harris ending the literary version (which I did enjoy), and now we are hit with the televised version ending, too. I had hopes that maybe, just maybe, another network would somehow get to pick this up... But it's just a fast dwindling hope. Clearly the cast and producers are moving past this show and onto new adventures... But for fans of the show, we are going to really miss it!


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Recap: True Blood Season 7 Episode 8

There's a whole lot of anticipation over the last three episodes of True Blood. Personally, all I've really wanted to know was who Sookie would end up with. Honestly, I've found this final season to be rather boring... I hate to admit it, but it's true. 

In this episode, Eric is healed but he finds out that Bill has the Hep V. Meanwhile Bill is upstairs in his bed, and he's not doing well. And he has a marking on his body that looks as if someone drew a giant spiderweb across his chest and abdomen. Sookie tells Eric about Bill's Hep V and Eric looks surprised. He doesn't offer the cure and as he flys away Sookie calls him a fucker. 

There's just so much about this episode that really didn't interest me, but I can see how they are trying to tie up the loose ends. And though it seems that Bill and Sookie are pretty tight right now, that doesn't necessarily mean they will end up together in the end. I just don't feel that heat and passion between them like I did in the first season. 


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Vampire Romance Feature & Guest Post: Reluctantly Undead Book Tour & Giveaway


Virtual Book Tour Dates: 7/16/14 – 8/13/14
Genres: Paranormal Romance

Ember Winterstone is not having a good night. She wakes up in a dumpster. Her neck hurts where her date used her as a meal. Vampire hunters chase her, and the other vampires think she is the real queen, especially since she is a day walker, eats food, drinks almost no blood, and stands up to Zophia, the psycho vampire queen.
Ember’s problems have just begun.
Her mother has kept a couple of major secrets from her, the two men who make Ember drool refuse to claim her, and the psycho vampire queen decides Ember must die.


The night I died, I woke up into a world I thought only existed in the warped minds of screenwriters in Hollywood and romance authors who wrote about the dark, tortured soul looking for his or her soul mate. I mean, get real. Vampires and werewolves are stuff of myth and legends.  Right?
Wrong. Wrong! WRONG!!
Vampires are REAL.
How do I know this?
The night I died, I woke up as a vampire. But of course, leave it to me to screw up the whole process.
Okay, I am rambling. Sorry about that, and I am sorry for apologizing, and I—you get the idea.
By the way, I’m Ember. Ember Winterstone.
I know what you’re thinking. Ember the Vampire. I guess you are waiting for me to burst into flames. Ha. Ha.  The jokes are not funny. I did not pick my name. That honor is my parents’ fault; or rather, it was my mom’s fault. I do not know much about dear old dad. Mom doesn’t have any pictures and she never said much about him other than he was special and he had duties that came before their love, but he loved us very much and wanted us to be happy.
I guess it was her way of making excuses for a deadbeat dad.
Then, my mom married Henry Taylor when I was ten.
She said I wasn’t happy because I didn’t have a father and it was her job to make sure I had one.  I think mom was lonely. Memories don’t keep you warm at night. Anyway, I ended up with a weird stepfather and an even weirder, older stepbrother.
I don’t have a lot of time this afternoon, lots of things to do to prepare for the Halloween Ball, but I need to get my story down on paper.
First, I am a reporter. My job is to tell stories, to get the facts into print so people can read it. Second, I want to be the one telling my story so it is accurate. So many biographies have errors or they make the person sound more heroic than the person really was. Third, it gives me a way to sort out the details and make some sort of meaning from everything that has happened to me. Call it a therapeutic activity, if you want.
Where does my journey begin?
That’s easy.
It began on the day I died and woke up.

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About the Author:
Rayne Rachels lives in Texas with her husband and two very demanding cats. When she isn’t creating stories, she can be found reading and honing her photography skills. Rayne enjoys taking road trips, especially to the coast where she fishes every chance she gets. She also enjoys visiting flea markets and playing poker.

Author Links:

Guest Post by Rayne Rachels:

I love paranormal stuff!

I grew up listening to the ghost stories my mom and grannie told. The stories were scary, and I loved them.

In junior high, I got to sit up every Friday night and watch the Friday Night Late Movie with my mom. Every week was a different genre—gangster, musical, drama, horror--all mainly from the 50s and 60s with a few early 70s thrown into the mix. I loved them all, but the horror movies were my favorites--Frankenstein’s Monster, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, The Wolfman, and Dracula.

They were fabulous, but the vampire movies were my favorite. It was probably because by this age, I had already read Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (I was a weird child who started reading at an early age and proceeded to read everything I could get my hands on. The school library was my best friend.)

A few years later, I discovered the book called Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice. I was hooked. Then I discovered the paranormal romance books. I was in heaven. The monsters were finally not monsters and they were getting the girls.

Over the years I have read:
Argeneau Vampire series by Lynsay Sands
Dark series by Christine Feehan
The Protectors series by Teresa Gabelman
Immortality Bites series by Michelle Rowen
Broken Heart Vampires by Michelle Bardsley
The Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson
Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris
House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Love at Stake series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

My Kindle and shelves are filled with paranormal books, and not just the vampire genre. But it’s not just the books l love. I love the movies and television series too. Lost Boys is still one of my favorite 80s vampire movies.

Vampires are dark, mysterious, and dangerous. They can potentially live forever. They are the ultimate bad boy. That is why we love them.

Enter to win one of two $10 Amazon gift cards! Open internationally. The giveaway will run the length of the tour. Enter through Rafflecopter.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 6 Promo/Preview "Karma" Sneak Peek